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Why Choose EBS?




Industry Leader & Trusted Technology

  • Established in 2009, Elite Business Source, LLC. provides innovative technology solutions.

  • Our IT professionals are versed in Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint Online integrated collaboration, Azure, Project Management, data management and analysis. The technologies developed enhance user productivity while saving our customers significant time and financial resources.

  • Our services provide capabilities and solutions that enable organizations to maximize their investment in collaboration and cloud technologies.

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Cloud Services

Sqwrcene Davis


Marketing Sales

Arriya Davis


Sales & Service

Cecile Washington


Who We Are

Our principals can be described in three words Approach, Team, and Core Competencies.

Our Approach

Through professional execution, meticulous process and industry expertise, we deliver solutions and services that surpass our competitors and exceeds our clients' expectations.  By leveraging the latest technologies, we collaborate with your team to evaluate technological and infrastructural needs and develop a customized solution that reduces total cost.

Our Team

Our technical, development, design and management teams are versed in  Data and information security management, Office 365, Cloud Application Development, SharePoint Online integrated collaboration, Azure Platform, Project Management-PMI-certified PMPs, AGILE methodology, Business Intelligence (BI), ERP development and System analytics. Our technology professionals have a collaborative total of 60 years of experience.

Our Core Competencies

Elite Business is built around the ideology of superior service and exceptional results. We sincerely believe what differentiates us from our competitors is our Culture of Execution, our professional and highly-trained team and our exceptional quality of service.

Cloud-enabled Application Development and Migration

Model/Design/Develop/Deploy CAAS-Cloud as a Service solutions for performance and scaling with the inclusion applications collections and APIs to build composite services or a complete composite platform distributed over a network or open Internet.


I have been In the IT world for since 1986.  In that time, I’ve seen the industry catapult from mainframes and dumb terminals to phone app, AI, drones and cloud solutions.  My experience ranges from database administration to SharePoint/Cloud migration. I begin EBS in 2009 and started contracting and sub-contracting delivering business solutions to small to mid-size companies.

Owner, Data Analyst

sqwrcene davis


Over 20 years of Educational Technology, Research and Data Analysis, Training and Development, Policy  and Curriculum Development.

VP/Head of Sales

cecile washington


My heart belongs to the written word. Whether I’m writing as a creative outlet - or creating advertising material,  contracts, press releases, or digital content - I’m always excited to

design engaging and accessible material for all readers.

Social Media Specialist

arriya davis

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